Friday, February 27, 2009

I have a girl crush....

So, Wednesday I went to the OB for the first time. I actually did not even meet with the doctor yet, just the nurses, whom I now have a crush on. Especially one. Her name is Denise. And she is super snarky, like moi. So I heart her.

She actually gave me a "freebie" ultrasound, so I would "Stop Whining". All looked good, and there is only one peanut in there. I am measuring a little off. I thought I was about 7 weeks, but I only measured 6w1d. I am told this is nothing to Freak! Out! Over!* Of course, I had to do all the normal** stuff as well. Like peeing in a cup, answering tons of questions (Am already a bad mom cause I don't have a peds Dr yet) and they took like 4 liters of blood.

I would post the ultrasound pic, but it is on the kitchen table, and I am parked on the couch, and Gah! That is soooo far away. Yes, I still suck at life. Sleeping is my favorite and it is still being interrupted by my stupid bladder. And don't get me started about my lack of a #2.... Pregnancy in the first trimester is NOT SEXY. My poor husband. First Trimester + Strep Throat = Unsexiness cubed.

Other than that, I go back to the OB on March 26th, and I should be about 10 weeks by then. Fingers Crossed. My boobs are huge-r than normal, and hurt way much bad. Like, if I move too fast I leave them behind, and that hurts like the devil. Am Whining. Am bitter. Am not going to stop for *Hopefully* 8 more months. :) Due date at this point is still October 11, 2009. Which, of course it is, because I am the Matron of Honor in Neighbor's Wedding, on October 17th. Baby is already f-ing up shop. Sounds like Baby will be a drama queen, like it's mother. (I would prefer not to have a little boy drama queen...)

In other news, Hooray for rain, and sun and warm weather. I will take anything other than snow. I now cry over ANYthing. Which is messy, since it is stupid things, like Adoption Stories, and Bass Master Tournaments and Oh! My! God! My little sister is graduating in May and Boo! Hoo! Hoo!!!! I am a train wreck. At least I am not crying over the weather now.

* Of course, I am still Freaking! Out! cause that is just how I roll. Cause if I had nothing to obsess over, what would I do?!?!?
**Anyone who knows me will understand that at times, I may not be aware of what is normal in certain instances, especially in college....

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Who's Idea Was This Pregnancy Thing?!?!?!?

What is more fun, dear Internets, than having morning sickness that lasts all day??

Why, morning sickness that lasts all day with a big heaping side dish of Strep! Throat! Awesomeness.

I go to the OB tomorrow, and will update again then. Hopefully, it will be good news, since I am pretty sick all the damn time. Until then, lots of fluids, rest and antibiotics. WooHoo! At least I got the day off work, but only because my Boss/Dad informed me "I don't want you here!!!"

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Did anyone really think that I would be pleasant??

Hello Internets. Since dropping the "Big News" on you, I have been living my life, one day at a time. Of course, having just had a miscarriage, I am very concerned with losing this baby as well, so I am even More! Psycho! than is normal. My poor husband. Having said that, things seem to be going well.... Mostly.

The biggest problem coming at 5am this morning... When my body revolted against me, and made me Wake! Up! and Pee! at that ungodly hour. Then I couldn't go back to sleep! Do you KNOW how much I love to sleep?? I am fabulous at it. Like, all-star sleeper. And I could not go back to bed. Am pissed at pregnant body for betraying me so early on. What next?? Boob stretch marks at 10 weeks?

Other than that seemingly innocent situation, and other than feeling like I am going to Throw Up Right Now, all the time, things are okay. My mood swings are not bad yet, which is amazing, since they were wicked pre-pregnancy. My only other complaint is the tiredness. I would hear other women complain about it and I was all "Suck it up, how bad can it be?!?!" Now.... I am all "Honey, can you pull the car from the drive-way up on the porch, cause ten feet is way too far to walk....." So basically I suck at life. But, I am not lazy, cause hello?!?!? I am busy making a human being right now, what have YOU done lately??

Please keep baby in your thoughts. Although the doctor has told me my chances of carrying to term are "excellent" I am still a bundle of nerves. The miscarriage shook me up, and now every twinge or pain I am running to the bathroom. I am hoping to get through this next 6 weeks so I can relax.... And am trying not to kill anyone. Especially people who serve my food, because what the crap took so long?!?!? I am hungry!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

May I print a retraction??

Dear 2009,

I would like to thank you for your prompt attention to my previous letter. I do appreciate the change of heart. I also understand that sometimes we just have a crappy day, or week, etc, and just want to take it out on SOMEone, so we do. Now, perhaps I am just being a little too forgiving, and you are still just a whore... But... I think that some whores are good people, once you get past the crotch-less underwear and STD's. Therefore, I want to thank you for stopping your whore-ery, and again include some examples.

Exhibit A: My husband has been very doting lately, and also remembered Valentine's Day. Am impressed.

Exhibit B: We came into a bit of extra money that was unexpected and are now both breathing a bit easier.

Exhibit C: My good friend Jennepper gave birth to a healthy baby girl on Valentine's Day. Welcome Olivia!!

So it seems that there are good things happening now. And they are appreciated. Of course, winning the lottery would also be greatly appreciated, if you can swing it. Am just saying.... I do see that you are still throwing about unnecessary drama about. My other neighbor's grandpa died. So you are still a whore. Maybe just a high-priced "classy" call girl now.

Again, Kthankxbye

In other news.....this happened as well.....

Yes, I kept this from the internets for over a week. We went to the doctor yesterday and everything looked good. I am 5w6d today. We go to the OB on the 25th. So please pray that 2009 won't start her whore-ery again.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Letter to 2009

Dear 2009,

I am writing this from one responsible adult to another in hopes of avoiding anymore "situations". Thus far, I feel you have been a real whore. Now I understand we are a mere month into you, yet already not only me, but loved ones as well as "the internets" have had some very trying times. If you don't mind, I would like to review, so you may attest to the whore-ery you have been inflicting.

Exhibit A: Was pregnant. Am no longer. You're a whore.

Exhibit B: Best friend from High School took her own life a few days ago and left behind 2 young children. You're a whore.

Exhibit C: Husband's work has already laid off, and may do so again, as well as my work having major cutbacks. (Yes, I work for family. No, that does not mean my job is easy, or guarenteed) So, again, you're a whore.

Exhibit D: Patiently awaiting my period. Not coming. Yet feel cramp-y and in general, Am a Bitch. Not getting my hopes up sooo......Yeah, you guessed it. You're a whore.

The list could go on, about how my dog suddenly must Lick! My! Socks! before I can get them on my feet, or that my husband has No! Dishwashing! Skills! but I feel that I must just ask to stop being all teenage angsty, and Get Over It. Please, from now on, be kind to my loved ones, be it family or internets. You're immedaite attention to this matter will be appreciated.