Friday, October 30, 2009

Drum Roll Please!

I have some Exciting! News! Internets.... I have already started my Christmas shopping! This is huge, huge, huge for moi. (I usually start Black Friday.... and hate myself for it.) And yet, I already have some things put away, simply in need of wrapping and tagging. I rock.

On a few other levels, I don't RAWK. As in, I cancelled the 80's Halloween Par-tay. Cause, meh, I wasn't feeling it people. Although I still have an AWESOME! poster of Ferris Bueller.

And also, I suck because I don't do ANYTHING anymore. All I do is lay around and sleep.... Of course that may be attributed to the fact that I have gotten mahself all knocked up and such (And I am pretty sure the baby daddy is my husband, Whew!)

Yes, You heard it here, I am 'specting. :) HoOoOoOoOoOray!!!

You want to hear all the juicy details, you say? Sure no problem!!

I did a home preggo test on September 14th, which was 5 days before AF. But, you know, I had the feeeeeeeeling. And BAM! two pink lines! So, like, holy crap, I have known since mid-September and have kept it from you! Yes, I am a whore.

Had tons of blood work and testing done, which leads to the fact that I am on Progesterone Suppositories (Yes, they are As! Much! Fun! As! They! Sound!) Also, they are the devil. I already look pregnant. I am 10 weeks along. Progesterone = The Devil.

Had our first sonogram at 8 weeks, 1 baby, all is well. We are HAPPY! And we are trying to stay POSITIVE!!!! And we are PRAYING all goes well!!!

Of course, I have nausea all day, every day, which is reassuring. As well as horrible. Which makes me a waste of space. Totally. I am the queen of Dry-Heaving and Gagging. Who is Sex-ay? This girl!!

So please, internet friends, keep your fingers crossed that we make it out of the woods. All I want is to be a Mommy... (Or make out with Brad Pitt. Put I would prefer being a Mommy) Until next time, please spay and neuter your pets. Thankskbye.