Friday, August 6, 2010

I'm 3 Months Old and Do What I Want!!!

Hello Ladies. I will stun you with my cuteness. Then, probably poop up my back with my impressive gastric gymnastics. Cause I? Am chunkalicious..... For reelz, people. At my 9 week check-up, I was 24.5 inches long, and weighed just a bit over 15 pounds. Next meal? Steak please!! But, Mommy can't complain, cause I am a happy guy, and totally sleep through the night. They owe me BIG. Just wait until baby #2. I will make sure that I not only tell them all the things that drive Mommy and Daddy nuts, but I am sure that I will get all jealous and act like a crazy man as well. Heh heh.
These are mah feets. That is Gramsey holding them. Her is big, and likes to spoil me. Pap does too. Not to mention my other Grandma and Pap. Also? The whole family is all up in mah grill. I don't even know my own name, they call me so many things. Timothy Christopher, TC, Wiley Guy, Booger Butt, Big Tim, Chunk, Chunky, Chunkalicious, TT, Smoochie.... if you want me to respond people, decide on a name and stick with it!!

This is me showing off my sweet swimming skillz. It was mah first time in the pool, but I obviously knew what I was doing. Cause I am almost 3 months old. I also don't need to take naps during the day, and can practically take care of myself. Just make the bottle and no one gets hurt. So far, life is pretty good. For the most part, Mommy has stopped acting like a complete lunatic, Daddy lets me do man stuff with him, and this huge hairy thing insists on liking me on the top of the head a lot. Mommy says she is mah puppy, but her is way bigger than me... As long as no one makes any stupid and uneducated comments on Mommy's blog about decisions that are completely none of their business, Mama promises to update more often with pictures of Mah Cute. Mmmm.... I think it is time to eat again. :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A month already?

Yesterday, Wiley Guy was one month old. Already. And it has flown by. This amazing little person has already been a part of our lives for 4 weeks. And I find myself wondering "What did we do without him?!!?" He is the most laid back, content fat baby ever. He just digs hanging out, watching the world from his bouncy seat. He is a flirt, and always happy to be, well, where ever he is. He eats like a champ, and has been sleeping through the night since he was two weeks old. Best. Baby. Ever.
I'm waiting for that comment to bite me in the butt... and I know it will.
Anyway, Timothy Christopher was born May 19th, 2010 at 8:10am. He weighed 8lbs. 14.5 oz and was 21 inches long. At his last doctor appt. he weighed 9lbs. 14 oz. We visit the dr. again on Tuesday. He is a chunk, and if you take his bottle away from him before he is done.... Look Out! Cause he honest to god yells at you.
So today, on Father's Day, we are waiting for Daddy to get home, so we can spend the day together and eat yummy steaks on the grill. (Wiley Guy will probably just have a bottle...) The first month seems like a blink of an eye. Pregnancy lasted sooo long, and Mommyhood goes by so quickly.
On a bit of a serious note, I also want to post a Public Service Announcement: Post Partum Anxiety Disorder is real, and absolutely horrible to go through. The first 72 hours we were home, I did not sleep. Not because I had a newborn who was screaming, nope. He was sleeping. I was up, afraid something would happen. What if he choked, what if he stopped breathing??!?!? And then? The anxiety attacks started. After Zoloft and Xanax I am still struggling with anxiety. Baby? Healthy and Happy. Mama? Bat Shit Crazy. If you have anxiety, or PPD, get help. You are no good to your children if you are not completely healthy.
Happy One Month Wiley Guy. I don't know what we did without you, and are so blessed to be parents. You are an amazing son. I love you. :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Um, I made this?

Meet Wiley Guy! He was born at 8:10am on May 19th, 2010.... His Mama's birthday. What an amazing birthday gift!

8 pounds 14.5 ounces 21 inches long
Morning of the C-Section. 39 weeks.

Motherhood is amazing.... and exhausting!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!..... and Wiley Guy?

Tomorrow, May 19th, is mah birfday. I will accept cards, gifts and money. It is not a super good birthday, just 28. But tomorrow will always stand out in my mind. Why?

Tomorrow my son will be born!! Wiley Guy is slated to arrive in this big mean world via C-Section at approximately 7:30am! That's right, my son and I will share a birthday.... and hopefully many more amazing milestones. I have waited for this for so long, and worked so hard for it, and now it is almost over. I'm going to be a MOMMY!!! :)

Friday, April 30, 2010

All Bark and No Bite...

This is Sydney. She is 2. She scares people who try to come to our front door. But really? She is a big baby. And she KNOWS something is up. She knows mommy is way fatter, and that everything is going to change. But for the time being, she is our baby and is all bark, and no bite.
Apparently Wiley Guy is also all bark and no bite. Cause three weeks ago, he was all "I'm coming early bitches! You are so not ready, and are totally stressing out now, and here I come!! Bahahaha!! Oh, and also Lesson one in motherhood: Plan Nothing. Cause I rule this house."
And the OB had to tell Wiley Guy "'Scuse me little man, but you are staying put. I don't like your attitude, and furthermore, you don't know what you are in for. P.S. Don't scare your mother like that."
So now, now.....Now that Wiley guy is allowed to make his grand appearance? "Is happy in here. Just sleeping and getting fat. Hahaha, really had you all worried... But now that you are all ready for me? I stay here. Because again, I'm the Boss. I will let YOU know when I'm ready."
Ah, the waiting game. I don't know how is staying where he is. We are 80% effaced, already starting to dilate, and hello? His large cranium feels like a bowling ball in my pelvis. I am sure you can imagine how lovely and pleasant I am. So until I can post Adorable! Fat! Baby! Pictures!, you can all see just how cute our dog is. Keep in mind, she is super mouthy too. Because, of course she is. She's my dog!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Okay people! We made it to 35 weeks... and let me tell you, it has been touch and go... So keep reading for an update into the longest 2 weeks of my LIFE...
We went to the OB for our giant baby ultrasound and appt on Monday, April 5th. Baby looked wonderful, but giant. Approximate weight? Oh, 6lbs. at 8oz. At 32 weeks 5 days. Seriously? We measured 35 weeks at that point. OB says, point blank, plan on a C-section at 39 weeks. He is going to be big, and in general, the bigger the baby, the less likely they are to come early. They are just all up in there being fat and lazy. Okay, check.
Husband was on midnights that week and Monday night I tossed and turned. Something was weird, but I could not put my finger on it. I got up Tuesday morning and got ready to go into the office for just a bit to help my dad with a few things. Sitting at the desk I again felt off. My belly would get tight, and kind of take my breath away. not painful, just.... uncomfortable? It happened about 4 to 6 times an hour. So I called the doctor, finally. They told me to drink water, lay on my side. If it did not go away in an hour, take my huge self to Labor & Delivery. What did I do? Well... I went and had lunch first, because Obviously. I then went home. I drank some water, and laid on my side. And fell asleep... for 2 hours. Oops. When I woke up, it was still happening. But they were probably Braxton hicks, right? Right? So I went upstairs and laid in bad. Still no relief. Maybe we should go to L&D. But they are going to tell me I'm a drama queen and don't even know what contractions are. But, yeah, maybe I should just get checked. So I shower, and fix my hair. Because, obviously. We get to L&D at 6:30. I'm admitted by 7pm. Because, obviously.
At this point you can imagine Jay and I are both dumbfounded. We both thought they would tell me to suck it up, and go home. They were Braxton Hicks. But noooo! They are real contractions. I am 1 1/2 cm dialated... and 70% effaced. Yeah, Wiley guy is getting anxious. So now they start trying to stop the contractions. Tons of IV meds. And poking and proding. Mainly in my lady business. Not fun. Finally get it stopped. Am released Wednesday morning with strict instructions for bedrest (So not as fun as I thought it would be) and a bagfull of pills to keep Wiley Guy where he is. I had to come back to L&D that night for another steroid shot to help mature Wiley Guy's little lungs. In case they could not stop contractions if they started again. We went from L&D directly to surgery, where my Mama Rufie was getting ready to go in for a hysterectomy. Which was a nightmare in itself. She ended up in surgery twice as long as they had planned, needed 9 units of blood, was intubated for 48 hours, kept in ICu for 4 days, and spent over a week in the hospital. She is now home, and starting to recover, but it was a scary week for her.
So we go home, and I begin bed rest. Which, sucks. We are to go to the Ob twice a week, for non-stress tests and appts. Other than restroom, and showering every other day, I'm in bed, the couch or recliner. At this point the nursery is not finished, my house is a mess, and my mom is not even conscious. So, obviously I'm on bedrest.
Now my mom and I are home together, with everyone taking turns waiting on us. :) My husband, sister and mother-in-law were kind enough to clean my house, and finish the nursery, and my grandfather finished putting the trim up, and new closet doors in the nursery as well. We are ready for Wiley Guy now!! :) We had another OB appt. on Tuesday. I'm 80% effaced and at 0 station, which I was at minus 2 station, so he is riding low. The doctor's exact words while checking me? "Oh my! His head is RIGHT THERE. He is coming soon! Just don't pop tonight, the Penguins are playing".... Um, Okay?
So it looks like we may have a baby way before we expected. I was 35 weeks yesterday. The dr. is estimating he is between 7.5 and 8 pounds. Not bad! I measured 38 weeks. I rock at baybee growing. I will try and keep up on posting, and let you know when Wiley Guy makes his grand appearance!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Update? Yes I will.

Just a quick update on the Huge Baybee front: We go for another ultrasound on Monday. We will then see how big Wiley Guy is and perhaps begin the talk of induction and c-section. (He has been measuring quite big for sometime now, but at our 29 week ultrasound he measured almost 33 weeks and was already 4lbs!) I am still not gaining any weight, so I am obviously an awesome baybee grower.... and he is a sumo wrestler!

Other than getting prepared to birth Godzilla Baybee, all is well. Our shower was last Sunday, and it was amazing. We had over 80 people come, and it was wonderful to see so many family and friends. Wiley Guy is already loved by so many! On top of the tons of awesome swag he got, we counted over 85 outfits alone! He will be the best dresses guy on the block!!

The nursery is almost finished! The trim will be here on Monday, and the mattress came today. So we have to have the trim installed, which will not take but a day or so, and put the bedding on the crib. Everything else is done.... and we are ready. Now begins the waiting game.

I know we still have 8 weeks left, but I can't help and think he will be making his star studded debut early! The OB said they will not induce before 39 weeks, but I don't think there is going to be much room left in there for him come a few more weeks!! As we speak he is using my lungs as punching bags while stomping on my bladder at the same time. Quite the busy guy!

At this point, pregnancy is Amazing! Yes, I am big. Yes, I have back pain. But yes, I am going to meet our son in a matter of weeks. He is so active now, but only at night. Wiley Guy takes after his Mama and is not a morning person! :) Now the biggest issue is our dog. She knows something is up, and I do not think she is going to like no longer being the baby! Lol!