Saturday, January 30, 2010

Turbans and Tests...A fun day out.

Ever had one of those moments? Like the "Oh Crap!" kind of moments? Like, just for example, making an appointment with your neurologist to have an EEG.... at 7am?!?!?!? The fact that I have to wake, shower, and be there by 7am, did not hit me until we got in the car. Then, I had my moment. What was I thinking?? I don't DO morning. EVER.

But anyway, I went to see the neurologist on Tuesday. He wore a turban. It was green. At one point, during the examination, it was almost in my mouth. Awkward. And gross. He talked to us. He checked my reflexes. He asked how often I had the headaches. He looked in my eyes with a flashlight (this would be when his green turban was resting on mah nose). He called us back into his office.

He then dropped the bomb. He wanted me to have an EEG. Just to be safe, but he is sure the headaches? Yeah, they are caused by stress and anxiety. Yup, tension migraines. That is right folks. Am a drama queen. Have been giving mahself headaches. Needed a freaking brain doctor to inform me that I AM CRAZY. Nice.

So I actually had the prescription for the anti-anxiety meds filled. (I didn't start taking them earlier because I thought that I was doing much better.... and because I am a Doctor. Obviously)

This is all just really hard for me to swallow. I think mainly because I have a hard time admitting I have anxiety. Maybe because I have dealt with it for so long that I think it is normal. I had no idea what anxiety entailed. I figured I have never had a panic attack, so obviously, I am anxiety free! FAIL. Apparently, being unable to sleep cause you can't "turn your mind off" would be anxiety. Who knew? So now, more meds. (And I really hate taking all these meds while pregnant)

Other than that, Wiley Guy is busy, busy, busy. A few days ago, I swear he was rearranging his room. He was getting some stuff done. He gets really active at night, and also after I eat. Like his Mama, he loves eating :) He also enjoys Dr. Pepper!! It is so neat that he already has some sort of personality... Like, he is a night owl. Which runs in my family. I just hope he enjoys sleeping in as much as I do as well. :) Right now, minus the migraines, pregnancy is pretty amazing. Yes, I am uncomfortable. Yes, my back hurts. But yes, it will be worth it!

Also starting to think about the nursery and shower... (Finally let myself start planning. I put it off for so long because WHAT IF SOMETHING HAPPENED?!?!?) But I am sucking it up and planning. I can't wait until the baby comes to decorate the nursery. We picked our theme (Puppies!!!) and I am slowly buying some things and starting to register. But I still have moments where anxiety gets the best of me, and I have to take a step back. 23 weeks, 3 days and still waiting for the other shoe to drop. Luckily my husband is amazing, and my Mama knows just when to tough love me, and just when to take me shopping! So for now, baby steps. And I have decided to STOP WATCHING all the "OMG I am pregnant and THIS HAPPENED to my BAYBEE" shows. Cause that is not helping AT ALL.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Oh hai mom.... Were you sleeping?!?!?

I know I just updated, but I am going to try and do better....please hold your applause.

So husband is on afternoons this week and decided to work over last night, meaning he would not get home until about 2:30am. So doghead and I watched some TV, we farmvilled, we worked on our baby registry, and were, in general, full of the lazy.

Now up until this point, I have felt Wiley Guy move quite often, but if was just movement. Nothing really major, just the weird something swimming in mah belleh.... until last night.....

So about 11:45pm, doghead and I drag ourselves to bed. And we lay down. And get comfy. And then....... LADIES AND GENTLEMEN MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE?!?!?! Welcome to the Uterus Soccer championships!!

Cause there was some MAJOR kicking. Keeping me away kicking. Hey mom are you sleeping?? Cause no you're not. And it went on FOREVAH!!! When hubby got home at 2:30 he was STILL kicking like a madman. So hard that husband actually got to FEEL it, for the FIRST TIME.

Now, of course, this is AMAZZZING. We both just lay in bed, enthralled by what was going on. It was just so strong, and lasted so long. But cept, hello? Needing to do a little sleeping there Wiley Guy. But mom, is practicing mah soccer skillz!!! All in all, amazing, yet exhausting.

Final Score in the Uterus Soccer Championships?? Wiley Guy - 1, Mama - 0. FAIL.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Who Sucks At Pregnancy......And Blogging? THIS GIRL!!!

Okay, so I am sure everyone is waiting with bated breath for an update (Am not sarcastic.) so here goes:

The morning sickness passed at about 16 weeks. I stopped referring to fetus as "Devil Baby" about that time as well. Unfortunately, migraine headaches set in about week 10, and as of now, currently 21 weeks, I am still suffering. I have tried several medications, and am going to a neurologist on January 26th to see if a bwain doctor can fix my problem, cause the baby dr. can't. So I'm no longer nauseous, and miserable. I am whiny and miserable now because the headache will not go away. Hopefully I get some relief soon. Some days it is just there, and other days I lay in bed an cry (Don't you all feel bad for my husband right now? YOU SHOULD. I suck at being pregnant)

Coupled with the migraines, is another itsy, bitsy problem. Apparently, it is NOT normal to lay in bed all night wide awake, waiting for the baby to move. It is NOT normal to only think worst case scenario, or to have a breakdown every time I go to the dr because OMG WHAT IF SOMETHING IS WRONG?!?!?!? Obviously, I did not get this memo, because I was under the impression that I was NOT CRAZY, just concerned. My OB told my very nicely "Bitch, You Crazy" and gave me pills for my anxiety. I wish I could just be normal and enjoy this pregnancy instead of doing nothing but worry.

Of course there are a few perks to being knocked up... I think. I have lost 21 pounds since peeing on a stick. Of course, I could stand to lose 120 pounds, but you have to start somewhere, right?? I'm not some crazy person who was afraid to gain weight (Hello?? I heart food and knew I would be a blimp....) but I did cut out caffeine and so much other crap that I often ate, that weight loss has ensued. I am okay with this development. I figure I should start packing on the pounds very shortly though... And being a big-ish girl (Hahahaha. Fat, am a fat girl) I was super surprised and excited to find that I look like I am actually pregnant. I have went from looking like Jaba the Hut to a cute preggie girl. (And Hooray for maternity jeans. They are a gift from GOD. I may wear those for always now...)

And I have had the awkward run ins thus far. The most traumatic one happening at Walmart (Hard to believe, huh?) I was standing in line, which was 6 miles long as it was 2 weeks before Christmas, and accidentally made eye contact with the guy behind me. No hard, no foul, right? WRONG. Suddenly we are best friends and Hi, how are you? Is this your first child? How old are you? When are you due? (And for me, this begins as kind of fun... Someone noticed I was pregnant....) And then............ He asks if I am HAPPILY MARRIED. And I say Yes, of course. "Oh yeah, me too, me too." He tells me. Then proceeds to explain "But you know, as happy as you are, sometimes a guy gets tired of eating chicken over and over, he would like a little steak once in a while" and winks. At me. Because apparently fat pregnant girls are steak. Naturally. So I am weirded out and pray for the line to move quickly. With my back to him I can still hear him explaining that sometimes, YOU JUST WANT TO PUT YOUR DIPSTICK SOMEWHERE ELSE. I paid and got out of there as quickly as I could before calling my mom and husband, who of course, both thought it was hilarious. My mom ask if I was dressed like a skank. I informed her I was wearing maternity jeans and a hoodie. She told me it sounded like I was asking for it. Disgusting.

So there have certainly been some ups and downs and we are only half way through the baking process. We went for our 19 week sonogram and were told that Baby is measuring 2 weeks ahead of schedule. I am obviously an awesome baybee grower. Oh, and we also found out the gender at that appointment as well. We were able to see all the parts and pieces,hear the heartbeat as well as see it, and actually recorded it and put it in the build-a-bear my sister got us for Christmas. Very nice. Our sonogram was on New Year's Eve, and that night we had lots to celebrate..... because will be welcoming our SON to the world at the end of May. :) And that of course, makes everything I am going through, completely worth it. Even at midnight when I am ready for bed and he starts practicing his sweet gymnastics skills.