Friday, August 6, 2010

I'm 3 Months Old and Do What I Want!!!

Hello Ladies. I will stun you with my cuteness. Then, probably poop up my back with my impressive gastric gymnastics. Cause I? Am chunkalicious..... For reelz, people. At my 9 week check-up, I was 24.5 inches long, and weighed just a bit over 15 pounds. Next meal? Steak please!! But, Mommy can't complain, cause I am a happy guy, and totally sleep through the night. They owe me BIG. Just wait until baby #2. I will make sure that I not only tell them all the things that drive Mommy and Daddy nuts, but I am sure that I will get all jealous and act like a crazy man as well. Heh heh.
These are mah feets. That is Gramsey holding them. Her is big, and likes to spoil me. Pap does too. Not to mention my other Grandma and Pap. Also? The whole family is all up in mah grill. I don't even know my own name, they call me so many things. Timothy Christopher, TC, Wiley Guy, Booger Butt, Big Tim, Chunk, Chunky, Chunkalicious, TT, Smoochie.... if you want me to respond people, decide on a name and stick with it!!

This is me showing off my sweet swimming skillz. It was mah first time in the pool, but I obviously knew what I was doing. Cause I am almost 3 months old. I also don't need to take naps during the day, and can practically take care of myself. Just make the bottle and no one gets hurt. So far, life is pretty good. For the most part, Mommy has stopped acting like a complete lunatic, Daddy lets me do man stuff with him, and this huge hairy thing insists on liking me on the top of the head a lot. Mommy says she is mah puppy, but her is way bigger than me... As long as no one makes any stupid and uneducated comments on Mommy's blog about decisions that are completely none of their business, Mama promises to update more often with pictures of Mah Cute. Mmmm.... I think it is time to eat again. :)