Thursday, August 6, 2009

Did that REALLY just happen?!?!?

I Just want to quickly post a little window into my daily life. This happened last night:

Me: Babe, how many pairs of boxers did you pack for the trip?

Hubby: 5, why?

Me: Wellll, we will be gone for 8 days, soooo you prolly need to pack more.


Me: So you are going to wear dirty underwear at the beach?!?!?

Hubby: Maybe I will not wear ANY underwear.

Me: Gross.

At this point, hubby walked out and slammed a bunch of doors. He then slept on the couch. This morning, after almost being late for work, he conceded that perhaps he will need a few more pairs of boxers. Mission Accomplished. :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Moment of Silence

First and foremost, this country has lost a great icon. I was one of the biggest fans. That amazing icon will be sorely missed. Please join me in a moment of silence to mourn the loss..... of Boston Market. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a sad time for my husband and I.

Moooving on.... What has 2 thumbs and leaves for the beach on Friday? This girl!! What also has 2 thumbs and is hopped up on vicodin cause she has a bad tooth? This girl! Of course I have a toothache. Because I? Am going out of town for a week. Why would I not have a toothache? Gah!

So, of course I am super busy with getting ready for vacation, and more good news!! Jay informed me his family is coming to stay with us for a week, 2 days after we get home!! (And 1 day after I get my tooth pulled!) How lucky is that?!?! Don't get me wrong, I love Jay's family, especially Pete and Carrie, who are staying with us, but the timing BLOWS! So now I am not only doing laundry and trying to pack, but also scrubbing showers, cleaning restrooms and stripping bed linens. The fun never stops here. And then my awesome husband informs me 2 days ago, it is not just his cousin and wife..... But their 3 kids as well. I hope my head dosen't 'splode. Cause seriously?

I am also currently planning a Bridal Shower and Bacholorette Party, as well as attending another one, we have a wedding reception coming up, I am in a wedding in October, as well as attending another one that same month. Not to mention all the birthdays, deck-sitting and BBQ's still on our agenda.... which leaves barely any time.....for baby makin'

Which we are getting ready to start doing. We took an extra couple months, just to settle in, and prepare. Which, we really prepared nothing, but it sounds good when you tell people that. So maybe? We are just afraid it will happen again, so we are stalling. And also? With all this shower/ bachlorette party/ and wedding business, who wants to be knocked up? (This is my mantra when the negative test stares me in the face.) So I guess we are half-assed trying. But what with all the vicodin at this time, baby makin' is on hiatus. So... yeah.

Also, a parting thought.... Halloween is on a Saturday this year.... and my husband and I are holding a PARTY..... And just like P. Diddy's WHITE PARTY, you must adhere to the strict dress code, or you will be turned away.... We will be hosting.... an 80's HALLOWEEN PARTY!! (I hope someone dresses up at ALF)