Friday, April 2, 2010

Update? Yes I will.

Just a quick update on the Huge Baybee front: We go for another ultrasound on Monday. We will then see how big Wiley Guy is and perhaps begin the talk of induction and c-section. (He has been measuring quite big for sometime now, but at our 29 week ultrasound he measured almost 33 weeks and was already 4lbs!) I am still not gaining any weight, so I am obviously an awesome baybee grower.... and he is a sumo wrestler!

Other than getting prepared to birth Godzilla Baybee, all is well. Our shower was last Sunday, and it was amazing. We had over 80 people come, and it was wonderful to see so many family and friends. Wiley Guy is already loved by so many! On top of the tons of awesome swag he got, we counted over 85 outfits alone! He will be the best dresses guy on the block!!

The nursery is almost finished! The trim will be here on Monday, and the mattress came today. So we have to have the trim installed, which will not take but a day or so, and put the bedding on the crib. Everything else is done.... and we are ready. Now begins the waiting game.

I know we still have 8 weeks left, but I can't help and think he will be making his star studded debut early! The OB said they will not induce before 39 weeks, but I don't think there is going to be much room left in there for him come a few more weeks!! As we speak he is using my lungs as punching bags while stomping on my bladder at the same time. Quite the busy guy!

At this point, pregnancy is Amazing! Yes, I am big. Yes, I have back pain. But yes, I am going to meet our son in a matter of weeks. He is so active now, but only at night. Wiley Guy takes after his Mama and is not a morning person! :) Now the biggest issue is our dog. She knows something is up, and I do not think she is going to like no longer being the baby! Lol!

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STQ said...

YAY! I am so glad the pregnancy is going well. And I can't wait to hear that Wiley Guy has shown his sweet little face. You will post pictures of his sweet little face, won't you?? I cannot wait for you to meet are in for such a treat! Sons love their mommies SOOOOOO much. :) Love to you and your growing family!