Friday, April 30, 2010

All Bark and No Bite...

This is Sydney. She is 2. She scares people who try to come to our front door. But really? She is a big baby. And she KNOWS something is up. She knows mommy is way fatter, and that everything is going to change. But for the time being, she is our baby and is all bark, and no bite.
Apparently Wiley Guy is also all bark and no bite. Cause three weeks ago, he was all "I'm coming early bitches! You are so not ready, and are totally stressing out now, and here I come!! Bahahaha!! Oh, and also Lesson one in motherhood: Plan Nothing. Cause I rule this house."
And the OB had to tell Wiley Guy "'Scuse me little man, but you are staying put. I don't like your attitude, and furthermore, you don't know what you are in for. P.S. Don't scare your mother like that."
So now, now.....Now that Wiley guy is allowed to make his grand appearance? "Is happy in here. Just sleeping and getting fat. Hahaha, really had you all worried... But now that you are all ready for me? I stay here. Because again, I'm the Boss. I will let YOU know when I'm ready."
Ah, the waiting game. I don't know how is staying where he is. We are 80% effaced, already starting to dilate, and hello? His large cranium feels like a bowling ball in my pelvis. I am sure you can imagine how lovely and pleasant I am. So until I can post Adorable! Fat! Baby! Pictures!, you can all see just how cute our dog is. Keep in mind, she is super mouthy too. Because, of course she is. She's my dog!

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PJ said...

Wow! I just read your previous post!

I guess because you are posting, that Wiley Guy is still in there!

Sounds like he's a great weight though, which is reassuring. I will be happy if mine are over 5 pounds each.

Yes, the baby stuff and trying to figure it all out, having not done it before is kind of overwhelming! Today I ordered bottles, cloth diapers for burp cloths, and a bunch of the other "little" things that we need. I STILL spent about $200! Crazy.

Good luck with you!