Sunday, June 20, 2010

A month already?

Yesterday, Wiley Guy was one month old. Already. And it has flown by. This amazing little person has already been a part of our lives for 4 weeks. And I find myself wondering "What did we do without him?!!?" He is the most laid back, content fat baby ever. He just digs hanging out, watching the world from his bouncy seat. He is a flirt, and always happy to be, well, where ever he is. He eats like a champ, and has been sleeping through the night since he was two weeks old. Best. Baby. Ever.
I'm waiting for that comment to bite me in the butt... and I know it will.
Anyway, Timothy Christopher was born May 19th, 2010 at 8:10am. He weighed 8lbs. 14.5 oz and was 21 inches long. At his last doctor appt. he weighed 9lbs. 14 oz. We visit the dr. again on Tuesday. He is a chunk, and if you take his bottle away from him before he is done.... Look Out! Cause he honest to god yells at you.
So today, on Father's Day, we are waiting for Daddy to get home, so we can spend the day together and eat yummy steaks on the grill. (Wiley Guy will probably just have a bottle...) The first month seems like a blink of an eye. Pregnancy lasted sooo long, and Mommyhood goes by so quickly.
On a bit of a serious note, I also want to post a Public Service Announcement: Post Partum Anxiety Disorder is real, and absolutely horrible to go through. The first 72 hours we were home, I did not sleep. Not because I had a newborn who was screaming, nope. He was sleeping. I was up, afraid something would happen. What if he choked, what if he stopped breathing??!?!? And then? The anxiety attacks started. After Zoloft and Xanax I am still struggling with anxiety. Baby? Healthy and Happy. Mama? Bat Shit Crazy. If you have anxiety, or PPD, get help. You are no good to your children if you are not completely healthy.
Happy One Month Wiley Guy. I don't know what we did without you, and are so blessed to be parents. You are an amazing son. I love you. :)


baseballmom said...

sooo cute!

Alissa said...

He's so cute! I give you credit for getting's nothing to be ashamed of. (I also take Zoloft and Xanax for anxiety and depression.)

STQ said...

Adorable! Love the sunglasses and paci look - it's what all the cool babies are sporting. :) I do have a called him Wiley Guy then referred to someone named Timothy Christopher. Should I assume Wiley Guy is his nickname, or did you have twins and only are taking pictures of one? :) Inquiring minds want to know. Plus, it's been a month, girl. That kid is walking and talking and eating steak by now! Post some new pics! (Yeah yeah, if I get bullied into posting a new blog, I spread the wealth.) Good luck with the anxiety and depression - I had the baby blues after Chase was born and while it doesn't sound like it was anything as severe as you are going through, it was hard. My advice is to pray. For yourself and that sweet kid of yours, whatever his (their) name is. Love to you, mama.